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  • First of six unique designs in the World of Dragons series.
  • Contains 1 AVDP oz of .999 fine copper.
  • Fast, free, and discreet UK shipping in capsules, tubes, or monster boxes.

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The Aztec 1oz Copper Round World of Dragons

Pre-order delivery in 3-4 weeks

We expect orders that contain The Aztec 1 oz Copper Dragon Round to begin shipping around mid-November, 2018. This date is an estimate based on shipping information provided by Golden State Mint and is therefore subject to changes based on the mint’s ability to deliver. If you wish to receive items before this coin arrives, please consider placing a separate order.

In ancient cultures, stories about heroes and monsters were an important part of everyday life. They helped people explain objects in the sky, make sense of weather events, or answer life’s big questions. Born around the fire and evolved through word of mouth, tales of these creatures and their supernatural powers were told and retold millions of times from person to person, from trade port to trade port, and from generation to generation – manifesting into a hundred different versions around the world.

The story of the dragon is no different. Dragons have been one of the world’s most popular mythological creatures through the ages, and they continue to stir our imaginations to this day. Almost every culture on earth has its own ancient dragon myth. And we are proud to bring them to life in our new, EXCLUSIVE World of Dragons series in 1 oz silver and copper rounds!

The first release in this exciting 6-design series celebrates one of the earliest recorded dragon myths in history. The limited-edition Aztec Dragon design celebrates Quetzalcóatl, one of the most revered gods in ancient Mesoamerica. A powerful combination of bird and rattlesnake, this feathered serpent was believed to have organized the original cosmos, participated in the creation of mankind, and was related to gods of the wind, the rain, and the dawn. Aztec high priests would even include the name Quetzalcoatl in their titles to denote their high rank. This limited-edition 1 oz Copper Aztec Dragon round will be minted to demand through January 2019. So hurry and add the first release in the series to your cart today, while they’re still available!

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